Pork Chop was for breakfast

and meals through the long winter

i caught Pork Chop when he was a few weeks old

carrying him to the truck he squealed in my ear

it rang for hours

we built a large pen and house

for Pork Chop and his brother Bull’s Eye

we cared for them throughout the year

and they grew large

and played in the mud

and stood in their water tank

and chased each other around

in november we fed Pork Chop a raw egg

and i shot him with a .22 magnum

death was, as they say


one of the women cried

we hung Pork Chop from a log lashed to trees

and began the long job

of disassembling him into the food that would feed us

through the cold winter months to come

10/18/18 LV
Copyright Michael Douglas Scott