The Ace Hotel Notebook

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16E8C47A-2F5B-46B5-99FC-6995FA23EA95When I was re-diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer I began to see myself and life in a different way. These writings are a way to express that.

They are not solely about how cancer changes you but about how I recall life and its experiences, good and bad. Chaos and order and our attempts to find a balance between them.

I don’t necessarily call these short pieces poems. They may be but I don’t think of myself as a poet. Poems are usually avoided by most modern readers, often for good reason. They can be impenetrable, overly stylistic, packed with allusions to matter mostly confined to graduate literature programs.

So, hopefully my pieces will speak to some of you. I write for me with the hope that these will open a window to my life so my family will get a sense of my journey and how I lived it.

The categories and tags are good ways to find poems of interest. There is no other organizational scheme. I publish when I think a piece is ready.

I learned recently that the requirement to log into WordPress was invoked whenever one attempted to “like” a post. I have disabled that requirement.

My short stories and essays are to be found at Michael Douglas Scott

My historical novel about the beginning and end of Christianity, The Q Fragments is available on Amazon.

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