he is a big boy

as they say around here

walking slowly down the sidewalk

must weigh five or six hundred pounds

stopping now and then to sniff the flowers

or crop a mouthful of grass

his antlers are nothing short of huge

still covered in velvet

still growing

he pauses to consider me

sitting in my porch chair

eyes dead flat

fight or flight

deciding on neither

he moves on


a robin runs across the grass

stops, still, head cocked


then pounces

the end of a worm

stretched between her bill and the earth

i did not know that worms are so elastic

a final tug

the worm snaps free

and is gobbled down


Belle the Cat is after a white winged butterfly

she launches into a high flip

pawing the air

which is now empty of butterflies

seeing me watching

she sits and cleans her paws

“i meant to do that”

Copyright Michael Douglas Scott