bigfoot is hanging around the back yard lawn furniture again

skulking amongst the trees and bushes

he doesn’t like sitting in chairs

he appeared about a year or so ago

shy and rather standoffish until you got to know him

now he can be a damned chatterbox

i think he lives in the dilapidated barn behind the abandoned house next door

but he won’t say

and i don’t stick my nose in his business

eight feet tall and those fangs

i tried once to give him a toothbrush

it was like showing a silver bullet to a werewolf

he disappeared for months

trying to explain the modern world to him

is like pounding nails into concrete

i think mainly he is lonely

he gets quiet and rather surly when i mention mrs. bigfoot

he says he likes my company in the early morning hours

at first light

and he isn’t thinking of mauling me or anything


since i am usually pushing a walker or in a wheelchair

i wouldn’t be much of a challenge

i thought for awhile of carrying my nine

whenever we met up

but i abandoned that idea

i trust him

he has a good heart

Copyright Michael Douglas Scott