i speak with people

who aren’t there

this is not so unusual

i hold conversations with myself

which is more puzzling

since i don’t know who is listening

must be someone

i often think it is me

but then

who is talking?

someone is listening

i can say, go make coffee

and the one listening may go and make coffee

or forget

ruminating on some hidden thing

leaving the one talking to wonder

why am i now in the kitchen?

which one is me?

are they both?

if so there is a problem

who decides?

maybe there exists a decider too

this is becoming a multi-variate question

who is in control?

the one who goes on and on and won’t shut up?

the one who listens and only acts, never speaks?

the one who decides where and how to act?


analyzing one’s consciousness

is like hovering over the event horizon

or sailing through the gates of desire and fear

what unseen country awaits?

all of me knows one thing

that journey

once taken

there is no going back

Copyright Michael Douglas Scott