did you hear about this leather worker?

no, where is he?

in a stall next to Jupiter’s Temple.

is he any good?

he knows his stuff all right

but he talks a lot.

about what?

this new god, jezu, or something like that.

never heard of him.

yeah, me either.

what’s this jezu god of?

that’s the odd point

he ain’t god of anything particular.

so, what’s he good for then?

well, to hear this leather guy tell it

he used to be a regular guy,

a worker like us

then he pissed off the bosses in his home town

and they crucified him.

barbarian, eh?

something like that,

anyways, when this jezu died

the leather worker’s god adopted him

and took him to live with him and the other gods.

like Romulus?

yeah, like Romulus.


the deal is, if you tell jezu that you believe this

then when you die he will adopt you too

and take you to live with him and the other gods.

hmmm… couldn’t hurt,

let’s go see this leather worker,

what’s one more god?

Copyright Michael Douglas Scott