the ice man jumped off

before the wagon came to a stop

the horse snorted and shook her withers

then looked around as the ice man hoisted a thirty pound block

onto his rubber padded shoulder

he walked quickly up the porch steps and on into the kitchen

grandma had the ice box door open

any ice remnant tossed out the kitchen door

the ice man deftly maneuvered the steaming block

through the little door like he had done

countless times before

as grandma settled accounts

the ice man smiled

knuckled his forehead and said

thank you, miss Mattie

the horse waiting patiently in the traces

started pulling as the ice man stepped aboard

the wagon moved off

leaving a puddle in the dirt road

it would be gone in an hour

sucked up by the summer Texas sun

11/21/18 LV
Copyright Michael Douglas Scott