we would park the red MG

near the cafés on the river

and walk through town to the Plaza de Toros

where yesterday small boys

practiced the art before empty seats

dreaming of becoming a famous killer of bulls

the enormous, deadly black toros

once we saw El Cordobes and Paco Camino together

the exemplars of rock and roll craziness

and classical coolness

we were on our feet

dazed, electrified with excitement and fear

watching their masterful dances of the killers art

after, we would flow with the crowd, noisy with excitement

back to the café and bars

to eat fresh calamari and drink local sherry

and talk of things now forgotten

as we watched the pasaeo , those strolling past

later we would join them

before driving home

the top down

feeling the summer Spanish air

10/5/18 LV
Copyright Michael Douglas Scott