i see the sun rise through the gap in the bedroom curtain

i rise with it

take my morning meds

gather phone and knives

strap on the big leg brace

and follow my walker into the kitchen

i make coffee and carefully take it into the living room

i drink it slowly and watch the world outside my windows


Barbara sleeps

Belle the cat patrols the house

Lulu rattles the newspaper and chirps now and then

all else is silent

except for the scratching of my pen

as it lays down the words that come to me


the wind chimes softly play their strangely pleasing song

the aspen leaves shimmy

the first sign of the morning breeze

a small fawn stops in the yard

ears alert then scratches an itch with a rear hoof

and is gone

a big flicker alights in the grass

and digs and drills into the soil

in her endless search for food


the aspens are still now

and the chimes are silent

9/18 LV
Copyright Michael Douglas Scott